What’s happening to Praxis?

Dr. Halls

This website praxis.md was started in 1999 as a collection of medical articles. It changed owners a few times, along with changing styles and focus, and spent a few years forgotten and expired. When I found it in 2015, I restored it as a nice complement to my main domain halls.md.

I’ll be using praxis.md as a place for general medical information and practical advice, that doesn’t fit into other specific categories.

Betty Betty
I just found this by accident. Who is Dr. Halls?

Talking Moose
Talking Moose
He’s a real doctor, a radiologist in Canada.

Below you will find a bunch of information on visiting or phoning your doctor and asking questions, how to take care of problems when you first notice them, tips to reduce pain, overcome needle phobias, acne, hair loss, breast cancer, dry skin, and many more.

Dr. Halls Dr. Halls
I’m not specialist in all of these topics, but as the lost articles have been restored, I’ve been updating them.